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Handico Tower conducts a Fire Drill to Maintain Safety Measures

Recently, Handico Tower Management Office has organized a fire drill involving tenants, management staffs and Hanoi Department of fire prevention and fighting. The purpose of the drill was to provide experience, sufficient knowledge and training for the residents, occupants and employees as well as empower them to calmly face and handle all circumstances that might arise during emergencies, especially fire.

Handico Tower is installed fire prevention and fighting system in accordance with international standard; that guarantee the safety of the people and personal property. Therefore, the fire drill is not only part of a periodical procedure but also tests the effectiveness of the plan and helps to enhance emergency response mechanism to emergency situations that might happen. It is also a manifestation of Handico Tower Management Office’s continuous efforts to ensure that it is in line with its goals on safety and security, especially in regards to the technical aspects and equipment.

Here are some photos of the fire drill:











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