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Highlands Coffee – Another choice for executives at Handico Tower

Highlands Coffee has expanded their coffee chains with a new shop that has just opened at Handico Tower.      

Highlands Coffee is characterized by their strategic locations of their coffee shops in busy and convenient areas. Located in the Pham Hung- Me Tri area, Handico Tower is an office complex offering various convenient services and amenities. The inclusion of the Highlands Coffee shop on the first floor will add even more convenience to the building, and will expand the working, meeting and relaxing spaces for customers of the building as well as the public in the area. It can be a perfect place to kick-start your day, for meetings with friends or even a place for you to negotiate and sign contracts. Above that it could be an ideal place for you to unwind after a busy day and wait for the Hanoi traffic to settle before heading home.

Khai truong Highlands - Handico Tower (1)

With a total area of approximately 200m2, Highlands Coffee at Handico, is spacious, well-ventilated, and cozy. The entire interior space is covered in light, pastel colors with lush green trees. Highlands Coffee Handico also has reserved outdoor parking of over 50m2 for customers and guests.

Khai truong Highlands - Handico Tower (4)

As an international office complex, Handico Tower provides enterprises with a smart working space, optimal equipment and convenience for tenants and guests, thereby meeting all customer demands.